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1024 is formulated to help you increase strenght, increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. 1024 promotes a natural positive mood and will help you reach a lean muscular physique with less body fat. Expect to gain 5-8lbs of lean muscle while losing 2-4lbs of body fat in a 30 day period.


*Stack 1024 with Alpha 1-T² from for extreme results. Gains upwards of 20 lbs have been reported.



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    The result: (when teamed up with proper nutrition and exercise)

    10-15 lbs of lean muscle mass in a short 4 weeks have been reported 

    Body fat reduction

    More noticeable strength in the gym in as little as 10 days

    Promotes a natural positive mood

    Stack 1024 with Alpha 1-T² from ATS Labs for extreme results. Gains upwards of 20 lbs. have been reported


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