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The combination of LX62 with UltraTrim is specially formulated to lose fat (lbs) while dropping inches from stubborn areas like behind arms, midsection, and thighs. LX62 will help you suppress appetite and increase energy levels with absolutely no jitters. LX62 also helps regulate estrogen levels to lose fat and not muscle. UltraTrim lowers cortisol (stress hormone) to help you release fat cells at a faster rate while emphasizing on those hard to lose areas. UltraTrim is packed with essential oils that will help lubricate arteries, promote heart & brain function. The secret behind this combination will help you lose body fat while toning you up. Nonrelated benefit: (helps with hair skin & nails)

Lx62/Ultra Trim Stack

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    Attention: When you place an order; LX62 may be sold out. All accompaning products can ship out or we can ship everything at the same time. Please call us or text us if you have any questions. 9566211535

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